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Spring and Bean Sprout
February 24, 2013


It's Lantern Festival today, the last day of Spring Festival.

And it's the last chance to say

Happy Spring Festival (Chinese New Year)!

Gong Xi Fa Cai!



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Feb.24, 2013

Issue #37

In last issue we mentioned about 24 Solar Terms in Chinese Lunar Calendar. Ancient Chinese people did farming or maintained health by this rhythm.

It's still cold, but spring already began according to Chinese Lunar Calendar. Spring is the season of generating. Our liver is active in this season. If we are always in bad mood we'll curb the activity of the liver. We should often go out, meet friends, listen to funny jokes, and watch comedy. That is, often laugh from your heart!

Liver dysfunction will hurt our spleen. We should pay much attention to our stomach and spleen in spring. Sweet flavor foods nourish our stomach. Here sweet flavor foods are not dessert or sugar but cereals and grains such as sweet potato, potato, yam, honey, peanut, Chinese date, etc.

There is a very good food for Spring- Bean Sprout. Bean sprout contains generating and ascending Qi which can help us to promote Yang Qi. While soybean sprout, especially self-made, contains protein, vitamin C, isoflavon, less bloating than that of soybean itself. More about bean sprout benefit here

Self-made bean sprout is more healthy, and it's easy, fast and fun! Here is the details. Note: The picture is mung bean/black soybean. It's the same for other beans.

You can cook various dishes by using bean sprout such as salad, soup, or stir fry, etc. Get Recipes Here

Note: Bean sprout can be eaten till end of summer.

This is the Laba Garlic I made last month. How about yours?


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