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Two Healthy food in Chinese Laba and Radish Detox Diet
January 21, 2013


Did you have a good time in the long holiday? I hope so.

Do you know Great Cold solar term and Chinese LaBa?

In this issue I'll share with you some health tips in Great Cold solar term and two healthy foods in Chinese Laba.

Oh, if you couldn't resist the tempertation of food in holiday, try this Radish Diet. 

Wish you enjoy them.





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China's five-thousand years of culture and history reserved precious regimen. I'm digging out and would like to share with you. So this website, including this e-zine is not only about Chinese recipes, it's more about healthy life style.

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Jan.21, 2013

Issue #36

There are 24 Solar Terms in Chinese Lunar Calendar, twice each month. Ancient Chinese people did farming or maintained health by this rhythm.

2013.1.20—2013.2.3 is this year's last Solar Term - Great Cold. From the name we know it's the coldest moment in the year. Winter is almost finished. There accumulated much heat inside our body, especially after long holiday. Much heat inside while cold outside- it's our body's feature now. So don't supplement much greasy food or meat. Eat some vegetables which can clear away heat and help to digest such as white radish, cabbage, Chinese cabbage. But don't eat too much raw vegetables which will hurt our Yang Qi.

At this season we need to eat some salty-flavor food to supplement our kidneys such as fish and cuttlefish. Fish Tofu Soup (or Fish Tofu Stew) is delicious, simple and healthy. In my cooking class all students like this dish. I suggest you take a try. It's a different way to cook fish. Get Fish Tofu Soup Recipe here

Yesterday it's the 8th day of the 12th month in Chinese Calendar. There is a saying that on the 7th and 8th of 12th month it can freeze your lower jaw off.

The 8th day of 12th month is called LaBa in Chinese. In north of China it's a custom to make LaBa Garlic(garlic is soaked in rice vinegar). The procedure is simple. One or two weeks later (depends on the temperature) the garlic will become emerald green color. At that time it's exactly Spring Festival. Served with Jiaozi(Dumpling) or any other meat dish, LaBa Garlic helps to remove grease, promoting metabolism. It contains more antioxidant than that of original garlic. Even more, it tastes crispy, sweet and sour with garlic fragrance. Get Laba Garlic Recipe here.

Another food on LaBa is Laba Porridge which is very popular all over China. Put all kinds of cereal and dried fruits together, then cook into porridge. Because all cereals are whole grain, plus dried fruits, Laba porridge is rich in nutrition. Get Laba Porridge here.

I know many of you gained weight or feel stuffed after long holiday. Losing weight becomes very important task at this moment. Try this radish detox diet plan. It designed for three different groups of people: Vegetarian, Yang deficiency people, Yin deficiency people.Get Radish Diet Menu here


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