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Function of this dish:

In Chinese cuisine, there are some good combinations. Fish and tofu are one of them. Both fish and tofu contain Calcium. One is animal protein and another is plant protein. This combination will promote the absorption of Calcium and protein.


* Taking out the smell line can remove the fishy taste. There are other ways to remove fishy taste: Apply wine, vinegar, or milk. Ginger reduce fishy taste.

The fish on these picture is Asian crucian which has lots of fish bone. If you are afraid of fish bone, choose tilapia.

1.Fish and seafood live in water. They are cold and contain Yin Qi. Ginger wine, garlic, scallion are warm and contain Yang Qi. Using these seasonings adjusts cold and warm, keeping Yin Yang balance when cooking fish and seafood. They remove fishy taste as well.

2. There is a principle when cooking soup. Don't always bother it. Soup is the soul of food. Eating soup is absorbing the Qi of food while eating food is eating its flavor. This means that soup is the elite of food. So we must give food itself enough time.

3. According to 2, add enough water one time.

4.Keep high-medium heat when pan-fry. This is to let the fish ski fast heated in short time.

5. The soup is milky color. Pan-frying can increase white color. If your fish contains much more fat, it's also very delicious without adding oil.