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Seafood recipes and being afraid of cold therapy
November 12, 2009


Fall in love with the food you don't like

The relationship between people establishes in this way: stranger,acquaintance,friend,and some even falling in love with each other.

Actually it is the same when thinking of food.

I didn't like mushroom when I was teenage. They tasted like fat meat. Sometimes I felt nausea when eating. But I became accepted it after grown up and even love it when I know that mushroom is a healthy food.

I'm from North of China. Originally I didn't like sticky rice or cookies with meat inside(which is popular in southern China). I felt too greasy and even nausea when eating. When I lived in Singapore I saw them everyday and tried a piece occasionally. Gradually I feel it's actually very tasty. Sometimes I become addicted in it and must eat one piece a couples of days.

In early 1990's when I stayed in the USA I felt very uncomfortable if no Chinese food for the whole day. But now it's no problem even if you only let me to have western food for 1 or 2 years.

You may notice that some people around us said that they don't like this food or that food. But if you ask them to eat they won't feel uncomfortable. Or after several years of college life or service in the army they begin to eat all kinds of food. I found that many of them are the youngest in their parents family who are spoiled by their parents and older sisters and brothers. When they come out from the home,no one takes care of them anymore. And the food they like is not always there in the restaurants. They have to try the food they don't like. When they become to accept more food they become more open and easy to be get along with.

So sometimes we don't like some certain food it may be related to our mind. Try to approach different kinds of food. Several times later you may get to used to their flavor. And you may even fall in love with them after getting familiar with them.

The more category food you eat,the more choice you have and the more nutrition you'll get.

Enjoy your food



Anna's Nature Regimen and Recipe Express

-- Keep your life close to the nature


China's five-thousand years of culture and history reserved precious regimen. I'm digging out and would like to share with you. So this website,including this e-zine is not only about Chinese recipes, it's more about healthy life style.

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Issue #21

Table of Content:

1. Zangxiang theory- The Kidney(VII)

The kidney stores essence,Qi, Yin, Yang,governs growth,development,reproduction,water and reception of Qi. The kidney produces marrow, nourish and warm the viscera. The kidney relates to the bones,opening into the ears, the external genitals and the anus. The kideny manifests externally on the hair.

2. Anna's 9th Month Recipes

a.Steamed Fish
b.Stir Fried Shrimp with Cashew
c.Curry Crab Meat with Tofu
d.Ground Turkey with Green Bean

3. Healthy Lifestyle-the wellness of Daoism(III)

The philosophy of the Daoism(Taoism) is the only one that contains and studies human's long live. So its Tao of wellness is deserved to be followed up.

4. Santa Claus Eatern Journey(1): being afraid of cold

5. Happy minute

6. Correction and Announcement


1.Zangxiang theory- The Kidney(VII)

The kidney stores essence, Qi, Blood, Yin and Yang. It's the source of genuine Yin and genuine Yang. The kidney-essence comes from parents and is the primary substance for constituting human body and conceiving new life.

The physiological functions of the kidney

a. To govern growth and development

b. To govern reproduction

c. To govern water

d. To govern reception of Qi

e. To produce marrow to enrich the brain and transform blood

If these substances in the kidney are deficient,it'll lead to

-hypoevolutism, feeble mindedness, atrophy and flaccidity of tendons and bones,senilism.

-maldevelopment of sex organs,weakness of sex function and sterility.

-profuse urine, enuresis and incontinence of urine; scanty urine, anuria and edema,etc.

-shortness of breath and frequent asthma.

-headache, dizziness, amnesia.

The relationships between the kidney and the body, the sensory organs and the orifices

The kidney governs the bones,opening into the ears, the external genitals and the anus. The kidney manifestates externally on the hair.

If kidney essence is insufficient, it'll lead to

-flaccidity of the skeleton, hypoevolutism in infants, brittleness of bones and susceptibility to fracture in the aged

-the teeth will grow slowly in infants and tend to become loose or even lose in adults.

-impotence, premature ejaculation and seminal emission or leukorrhea.

-disorder of defecation.

-the hair appears thin,dry and easy to lose.


2. Anna's 10th Month Recipes

With the close of the Fall,it's almost finished for the delicious seafood season. But it's still the most tasty time. The best cooking way to eat seafood is to steam which can keep the original fresh flavor. However, try some different cuisine may bring you some surprise.

a.Steamed Fish


A fresh fish(or fish meat block if you are afraid of fish bone) about 500g

a few pepper thread,carrot thread and ginger thread

Seasoning A

1 teaspoon soy sauce

1/2 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon rice vinegar

1 tablespoon rice wine

4 ginger flakes

3 garlic cloves

Seasoning B

1 teaspoon garlic,chopped

1 tablespoon oyster oil(soy sauce)

1 tablespoon cornstarch,mixed with water


1. Clean fish,place on a heatproof plate.If the fish is thick make 2 or 3 small cut on the two side. Rub two side of the fish with Seasoning A. Put 2 flakes of ginger inside fish abdomen.

2. When the water in the steamer is boiling,place the plate on the tray of the steamer,cover.

3. Steam for 5mins with high heat. Turn off heat,stay for 5mins before take out.

4. Take out the ginger flakes and garlic cloves. Put the carrot thread,ginger thread and pepper thread on the face.

5. Prepare the sauce.There should produce some fish soup in the plate. Heat the fish soup in a saucepan,add the seasoning B,stir till bring a boil. Turn off heat. Pour on the fish,serve.

Beneficial Function: Steamed fish keeps all the original nutrition and flavors. Fish,especially those in deep sea contains omega 3 which is good to heart. I knew an uncle who is almost 60 years old. He's been eating much fish from when he was a kid. His doctor said his heart is as healthy as that of twenties.

Tips: 1.Not all fishes are delicious for steaming. Trout,red mullet,tilapia and crucian are suitable to steam, but salmon is not.

2. Whole fish is tastier than fish blocks.

3. If the fish is too big put two chopsticks between fish and the plate,so that there leave a space to speed the cooking time.

4. If you feel the flavor is light you can add some olive oil when preparing sauce. Or put some ground pork in the fish's abdomen when steaming.

More about fish recipes:


b.Stir Fried Shrimp with Cashew


1 cup shrimp,shelled

1/2 cup cashew,baked or stir fried

Seasoning A

1 tablespoon rice wine

1 teaspoon cornstarch

Seasoning B

1 teaspoon garlic,chopped

1 tablespoon ginger,chopped

1 teaspoon soy sauce

Seasoning C

1 teaspoon cornstarch mixed with water

1/2 teaspoon salt

2 tablespoon olive oil


1. Clean shrimp,marinate in Seasoning A for 10mins.

2. Heat oil in a wok,add shrimp,seasoning B. Stir fry till shrimp becomes white color.

3. Add cashew,seasoning C. Stir well. Turn off heat. Pour on a plate.

Beneficial Function: Both shrimp and cashew can promote Yang Qi,protect cardiovascular and prevent hypertension.

Shrimp contains high quality protein which is almost 10times of that fish,egg and milk. Shrimp is easy digested and promote pregnancy milk production. It's suitable for pregnancy,kids and those who are weak or need to recover from a serious disease. Those who get fever or with allergic disease are not allowed to eat

Here is prawn recipe:



c. Curry Crab Meat with Tofu


1 crab,big

1/2 block tofu,firmed

1 tablespoon carrot,cut into small chips

Seasoning A

1 tablespoon curry

1 tablespoon ginger,chopped

1 teaspoon garlic,chopped

1 teaspoon onions,chopped

1 teaspoon rice vinegar

1 teaspoon rice wine

1/2 teaspoon salt

Seasoning B

2 tablespoon coconut milk

1/4 cup milk

1 teaspoon sugar

2 tablespoon olive oil


1. Steam crab till cooked. Take out,dig out meat.

2. Cut tofu into small cubes.

2. Heat oil in a wok,add seasoning A,stir fry till fragrance comes out. Add tofu and carrot. Carefully stir 3mins.

3. Add crab meat and seasoning B. Stir well,cover,bring to a boil and simmer 2mins.

4. Turn off heat,arrange in a plate,serve.

Serving Method: Serve as side dish at lunch or dinner.

Beneficial function: Cooking with egg,pork chop,fish or other seafood,the protein in tofu can be fully absorbed by our body.

Tofu reduces blood lipid and cholesterol,keeps elasticity of blood vessel,benefit brain and improves skin.

Crab meat helps to clear away heat,detoxify the body,supplement bone and marrow,nourish tendon and limbs,promote blood circulation,nourish liver Yin. Good to those who are with acid pain in waist and leg and rheumatoid arthritis.

Pregnant women should avoid.

Another Tofu recipe here


d.Ground turkey with Green Bean


1 cup turkey,left from Thanksgiving Day

250g green bean

Seasoning A

1 teaspoon ginger, chopped

1 teaspoon garlic,chopped

1 teaspoon shallot,chopped

Seasoning B

[1/4 teaspoon salt

1 tablespoon soy sauce

1 teaspoon preserved soybean(Dou Chi),or soybean paste,or Japanese miso]

2 tablespoon olive oil


1. Cut the turkey into ground turkey. Cut the green bean into 1.5cm long small section.

2. Heat the oil in a wok. Add Seasoning A,stir fry till fragrance comes out. Add Seasoning B. Stir well.

3. Add ground turkey and green,stir fry. Add one tablespoon stock/water if dry.

4. Cover,simmer for 5mins or till green bean cooked.

Serving Method: Serve as side dish at breakfast,lunch or dinner.

Beneficial function: Green bean benefits Qi,invigorates spleen,regulates viscera,soothes the nerve, clears away heat and dampness,eliminates edema,etc.

Green bean is rich in vitamin K,vitamin C,M and plant protein.

Thanksgiving Day is coming. You must consider how to deal with the left turkey the 2nd. You can try this recipe. And here is another one and some suggestions.


3. Healthy Life Style- Wellness of Daoism(III)

To be continued from last issue.

b. The Dao of spirit cultivating

- The capital of spirit cultivating is to maintain the energy

- The base of spirit cultivating is to smooth Qi and the breath

- The source of spirit cultivating is to cultivate the personality

- The root of spirit cultivating is to rectitude the heart

- The Dao of spirit cultivating is to control the 7 emotions(joy, anger, anxiety, contemplation, grief, terror and fear)

- The way of spirit cultivating is to strengthen the body

C. to be continued next issue


4. Santa Claus Estern Journey(1): Being afraid of Cold


Santa Claus,

Huang Di- One of Chinese ancestors. Huang Di Nei Jing is the root of Traditional Chinese Medicine, named by Huang Di.

Shen Nong- One of of Chinese ancestors. Shen Nong ate all kinds of herbs to test which is edible, which is poisonous and which can cure illness.)

In a beautiful eastern fairyland Huang Di and Shen Nong are tasting Kunfu tea and chatting. Suddenly Huang Di saw Santa Claus is coming to them.

"Hey,Shen Nong. Guess who is coming? The person we want to meet is coming to us!"

"Who?" Shen Nong turned around. "Oh, Santa Claus!"

"Hi! Santa Claus!" Huang Di and Shen Nong stood up and greeted Santa Claus warmly.

Santa Claus laughed" Haha! I'm glad that you know me"

Shen Nong said:" Of course! We studied western culture for many years. We also learned English. How do you think our English?"

" Oh, very nice!" Santa Claus praised. He continued to say:" I know you too.You are Huang Di. You organized people to write Huang Di Nei Jing which is the root of Traditional Chinese Medicine. And You are Shen Nong who tested hundreds of herbs. Am I right?"

Looking at their surprising expression, Santa Claus smiled:"You learned a lot from us to modernize your country. China's economy is rising. Many of us begin to pay much attention to you and study you. You also have lots of things deserve us to learn from . I studied your history,culture, philosophy and wisdom,so great! But so far I only can say a few Chinese words such 'Ni Hao(hello)','Xie Xie(thank you)'. I should catch up."

"Oh,Oh.Then we should communicate more and exchange more" Huang Di and Shen Nong nodded.

Huang Di asked" The Christmas is coming. You should stay in Office of Finland answering the letters. Why are you still travelling around here?"

"Yes and No." Santa Claus answered "Yes, I answer them. But I don't need to stay in office. With my iPhone I give them reply anytime and anywhere. I ask my stuff to scan the letter and send to my iphone. I send my reply to my stuff through iphone. My stuff copy on the letterhead with my signature. At last they send back respectively ."

"Recently I feel headache on how to choose the right gift. It's easy for kids. But for adults it's not fun to just give them something that it's easy for them to get. However, I already got an idea.  Today it's not like the past. Many adult have problem on health. It must be helpful to give some health tips or recipes or formulas. And that's green. So this year I'll give out these as gifts. I know you have lots of therapy and tips in nature way. That's the reason I visited you now."

"We'd like to discuss and exchange experiences with you. Take a sit please." Huang Di and Shen Nong are very modest,that's traditional Chinese way.

"Really appreciate." Santa Claus sat down with Huang Di and Shen Nong. Shen Nong poured a small cup of tea to him."

Santa Claus said, "Then I start now.It's getting colder and colder now. Some ladies are afraid of cold. Some of them have pain on waist area in cold day. What should they do to relieve the pain?"

Huang Di said" That's Yang Qi deficiency or Kidney Yang deficiency. Some young ladies may not get pregnant because of this. Don't drink cold water/juice. Don't eat too much cold nature food especially in summer such as water melon, bitter gourd,spinach,cucumber,etc. Don't eat too much raw food. Keep feet warm. Soak feet in warm water before going to sleep at night."

Shen Nong said"Drink a small bowl of chicken soup before each meal(especially at dinner) each day. It's very useful. It'll relieve waist pain at night. Eat chicken as chicken nature is warm."

"How about beef soup" Santa Claus asked.

Shen Nong answered:" Beef soup is OK. But chicken soup is better. Chicken is effective when treating cold(caused by Qi deficiency). Beef soup is effective when helping to recover energy and physical force."

Santa Claus asked" Any tips when cooking soup?"

Shen Nong answered:"Don't place much seasonings except a little salt and rice wine. You can place several pieces of Chinese date and longan.They are warm nature and supplement Qi. If you often feel short of breath you can place Chinese herb Astragalus membranaceusiHuang Shi)(9-30g each time).

"And some important points:

a. Cook at least 6 hours over low heat;

b. Skim the foam at the beginning of boiling and scoop out the oil on the surface after cool.

c. Drink with warm.

d. Don't drink in hot day(summer) or when suffering fever."

Shen Nong continued:" If they continue to eat 2 weeks for one therapy period, insist on for the whole winter and abide by Huang Di's advice, they won't feel colder than others any more."

Santa Claus:"Wow! So easy! Thank you so much."


5. Happy minute

Here is a picture with a lovely fat cat.(Download to your computer used as wallpaper or icon)

The cat is praying:

Please God, if you cannot make me thin, make my friends fat.


6.Correction and Announcement

Correction: In last issue "Zen medication" spelled wrong. It should be "Zen meditation".

Thank you, Vi'ma. You are so humorous. Yes, meditation is also a kind of "medication".It cures illness without any side effect.

Here I appreciate all the friends for tolerancing my poor English to read my newsletter and website. Wish all of you have a healthy happy life.


Hi All

I'm planning to setup regular meetings in Shanghai. Below is the details:

A.The main meeting: Monthly.

Name: Food and Healthy Diet


Those who are interested in healthy lifestyle,wellness,healthy eating,Chinese diet and Chinese wellness, tea and eating culture.


  • Get to know new friends
  • Learn popular illness and related Chinese diet,prevention and alternative treatment
  • Learn some healthy lifestyle,wellness,healthy diet
  • Opportunity to win lucky draw(free food,restaurant coupon,etc.)

Start from: March,2010

Content: Health problem and related Healthy lifestyle,Chinese diet and other healthy diet, other alternative treatment discussion.

One topic for each meeting. Here is 10 topics:

Mar.,2010: Cold and Flu Prevention and Related Diet Therapy

Apr.,2010: Weight loss and Diet Review

May.,2010: Hypertension and related diet

Jun.,2010: Vegetarian and Nutrition

Jul.,2010: Constipation and Diarrhea

Aug.,2010: Insomnia and related alternative treatment

Sep.,2010: Woman's health and Chinese way treatment

Oct.,2010: Protect your stomach

Nov.,2010: Heart healthy diet

Dec.,2010: Diabetic diet

Regular Agenda:

1.Get to know new friends and free chat.

2.Brief Review: Anna or an expert from local hospital

3.Each participant must contribute at least one alternative treatment

4.Free discussion

5.Lucky draw

Entrance Fee:

Free for Anna's newsletter subscribers

RMB50 for non-subscribers

Food and drinks in coffee bar: Go Dutch, about RMB28-40/person for coffee bar.

Venue: A coffee Bar near Gubei.

       Option: Tea House near Gubei

Time: 7:30pm Tuesday of the 3rd week in each month.

B. Activities: Food tasting. Monthly or Bi-weekly

Participants: Those who are interested in eating culture and gourmet

Venue: Restaurants that has featured cuisine (Such as typical Shanghai food,Beijing food,etc.)

Time: Friday dinner time or Saturday lunch time.


  • The member who is farmiliar with certain cuisine chooses a typical restaurant.
  • Before and during tasting he'll introduce the features of that cuisine and the culture of related city/area.
  • Participants comment on dishes after dinner/lunch

Fee: Go dutch or share the cost.


I know some of you are staying in Shanghai now. I intend to have pre-meeting with friends in Shanghai. If you would like to participate these meetings in Shanghai,please reply this email or message me at: 13816719810.Or

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Hi, ,any suggestion,idea to my newsletter? Welcome and appreciate


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